Chitin – the main component of the shells of crustaceans, and, among other things, the Kamchatka crabs. Chitin gives strength to the shell, because it is reinforced with a carbon compound – acyl. The substance that is obtained by separating chitin from acyl is called chitosan . The works of three Nobel laureates are devoted to Chitosan.  

Chitosan research is carried out in many countries. Currently, more than 70 areas of practical application of Chitin and chitosan are developing, first of all, biotechnology, food industry, medicine, cosmetics, agriculture, and veterinary medicine.

In 1999, the Russian Chitin Society was established in Russia to coordinate all domestic research in the field of chitin and chitosan. Scientific conferences and congresses of scientists on this subject are held regularly. Production of chitosan has been launched in the Far East.

It is actively used in the composition of food additives as a powerful natural sorbent that absorbs and removes harmful substances from the body: toxins, pathogens, fungi, allergens, salts of heavy metals, radionuclides.

 One molecule of chitosan is able to bind and remove molecules of fat from the body 10 times its weight , so it is used in diet therapy to reduce body weight.


  • reduces the level of cholesterol, triglycerides and total lipids in the blood serum;
  • promotes detoxification of the bodywhen excessive intake of alcohol and fatty foods;
  • in case of gastritis and ulcers, it cleanses the gastrointestinal tractfrom pathogenic bacteria, relieves inflammation, promotes healing of ulcers, stimulates the regeneration processes of the mucous membrane of the digestive tract;
  • getting into the stomach, swells, turning into a gel-like substance, protecting the gastric mucosa from erosive processes;
  • stimulates the formation of bifidobacteria and beneficial intestinal flora, prevents gas formation.

Chitosan  – a natural polysaccharide obtained from the shell of the Kamchatka crab, is part of the health complex SYSTEM CLEARING .

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