Calcium Alginate ( AK ) , which is released from the seakelp Japanese Kelp , has many health benefits.

  • Powerful enterosorbent. AK is able to bind and remove from the body metabolic by-products, salts of heavy metals and radionuclides. When taken, the sorption of radionuclides (strontium and cesium) is 90%.
  • Restores and stimulates peristalsis of the stomach, intestines and bile ducts. The enveloping effect of AK contributes to the retention of water absorption in the intestine, normalizing the stool. The use of dietary fiber in the fight against constipationis an effective and safest method of treatment, and alginates are the most active in comparison with other dietary fibers to restore the intestine in constipation.
  • Effective for maintaining and restoring the tone of the immune system.
  • It has antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral
  • Antiallergiceffect: due to the content of calcium ions, it strengthens the membrane of specialized cells containing histamine, serotonin, etc., when they are ejected, a violent allergic reaction develops instantaneously.
  • Has antacidproperties: neutralizes the hydrochloric acid of gastric juice. Due to this, AK is very effective in suppressing heartburn – not only a very unpleasant feeling, but also a condition that, repeating itself, can cause serious complications, even esophageal cancer.
  • AK contributes to the healing of ulcers and erosions of the stomach and duodenum, stops or reduces bleeding with these lesions of the gastrointestinal tract.  
  • AK is a source of bioavailable calcium, eliminates widespread chronic calcium deficiency in the diet, which causes osteoporosis (increased fragility of bone tissue), leads to dental caries, suppresses immunity and reduces resistance to infections, susceptibility to allergic reactions. When calcium alginate is taken, calcium is absorbed by 80%, and the bone tissue’s ability to assimilate calcium from calcium alginate is maximum.

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