The oceans is the greatest source of not only food resources, but also irreplaceable components capable of ensuring the smooth functioning of the main systems of the human body. Bivalve molluscs or lamellar-haber, whose family includes the scallop, play a special role in this.

Scallops are represented in almost all oceans and seas, absolutely at different depths. In Russia, these mollusks are found mainly in the Sea of Japan, as well as in the Bering Sea, the Sea of Okhotsk, and the Chukchi Sea.

Scallops are eaten from ancient times. Their meat is rich in low-calorie protein, while it is well absorbed by the body and can be considered as an element of therapeutic nutrition and diets aimed at reducing body weight. In addition to low calorie content and high digestibility, scallop meat is a source of various macro- and microelements, including sulfur, molybdenum, zinc, nickel, as well as vitamins and essential amino acids. Scallop meat has long been considered an aphrodisiac that can enhance male potency. For the female body are shown as a source of collagen, necessary to strengthen the nails, hair, able to suspend the age-related changes of the skin. Due to the wide range of micro and macro elements, as well as the presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids, scallops are shown for use by persons

However, for most people in our country, scallop meat is a delicious and rarely consumed product.  

To solve this problem, products of the Doctor More company are called, the main specialization of which is the production of bio-additives containing valuable components of marine life. While maintaining all the useful properties of the original product, these additives are convenient in storage and use, and the price is available to almost all categories of the population.

The company extracting a double-molded molusk (comb) has all the indispensable properties of a fresh product. The drug helps to provide the body with a complex of essential amino acids, micro and macro elements. Take this drug is shown to a fairly wide range of people. In particular, its amino acids have a beneficial effect on the function of the visual apparatus, especially under conditions of its high loads. Therefore, in order to preserve and improve visual acuity, reduce pain and pain in the eyes, the drug is indicated for those whose work day is connected with computers and other electronic and non-electronic information carriers; students and schoolchildren during examinations, computer operators, dispatchers and other professions experiencing increased visual load.

It is important to note that in addition to the normalization of visual function, the drug has a positive effect on the state of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. In particular, the antiarrhythmic and hypotensive effect of the drug is shown. And its constituent polyunsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants provide protection to the vascular endothelium, thereby preventing the development of atherosclerosis and the associated risks of cardiovascular accidents.

No less important feature of the drug is its ability to have a normalizing effect on the level of glucose in the blood. Currently, this action is especially important due to the high level of the spread of diabetes mellitus 2 and its contribution to the increased risk of cardiovascular accidents.

And, finally, the ability of the drug to normalize the action of the nervous system. Anti-stress and anti-depressive effect of the product is extremely important for all the categories listed above.

All of the above positive effects of the drug will affect the body after a 15-day course of its reception. And during the year, such courses should be repeated 3-5 times, depending on the need. At the same time, the drug has practically no contraindications, with the exception of individual intolerance to its components.